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It's not rebound-ball.
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Default Re: kevin loves 25.6 ppg and 13.9 rebounds

Originally Posted by Kblaze8855
Really...if you replace him with a healthy David Lee...does anyone expect the level of Minnesotas play to take a major hit? Or Grizzlies/Hawks Shareef Abdur-Rahim? Wizards Juwan Howard?

Its hard to judge players when their team doesnt do much of anything.

Not like he stands out as a guy dominating but being letdown by scrubs around him like Tmac in Orlando. You watch him the end hes got 24/13 or so and its....whatever.

Its impressive to produce at that rate in the NBA. But that doesnt mean hes even nearly as effective as his numbers suggest.

First, let's not disrespect David Lee like he's a scrub or something. Second, the Wolves are playing a lot better this season and I'd be surprised if they don't finish over .500 (Having a decent point guard is doing wonders). He didn't break out until last season and look at the talent on that roster (or lack thereof), I don't think Lebron James himself would make them a playoff team. He's putting up huge numbers this year and the second best player on his team is a rookie point guard who can't shoot. Take Love off this team and here is your starting lineup:

Ricky Rubio
Wayne Ellington
Michael Beasely
Derrick Williams
Nicola Pekovic

Do you honestly see this team going .500 or competing for a playoff spot? Empty numbers? I think not. You can't put up 26 and 14 and not be having a huge impact on the game.
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