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It's not rebound-ball.
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Default Re: kevin loves 25.6 ppg and 13.9 rebounds

Originally Posted by Kblaze8855
If I were going to call Love a scrub I wouldnt have mentioned Lee at all. But he sure as hell isnt some special player.

And yes. You can put up 26/14 and not have a huge impact. Plenty of players have scored around that and not mattered much and people have rebounded well and not mattered. Its not often both are done at once but not inconceivable. The same points are going to be scored for the most part. Your impact isnt in the numbers alone but the skills that allow you to generate them.

Love can shoot and he has great hands. He can rebound and....cares to do so. But hes not an impact player on defense.

Plenty of players with less numbers friendly skills have greater use as far as making a team play well on one end or both.

So how many wins would you say this lineup gives you:

Ricky Rubio
Wayne Ellington
Michael Beasely
Derrick Williams
Nicola Pekovic

Subract that number from the number of wins the Timberwolves end up with this season and then you'll get a better idea of what his impact is.

My own opinion on how many wins that lineup gets you in a 66 game season: 15-20. I expect they'll win at least 30 games with Love.
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