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Default Re: kevin loves 25.6 ppg and 13.9 rebounds

love is a top 3 PF in the game. after that, you can say whatever. he's one of the best outlet passers in the league, but it's not going to make someone jump out of their seats. just because a guy is 'quiet' doesn't mean he isn't making an impact. i compare it to a boxer with a good jab. just because he isn't throwing haymakers doesn't mean he's not jabbing your face off or not countering.

the next evolution in love's game is to start taking over late. it is, after all, what superstars do. also, i'd like to see him shoot less 3's. yes, he's very capable but he actually does have post moves that he can rely on. i'd rather have him in the high post or low block unless you just have to spread the floor. i don't like him taking that many 3's. i think that is best for elite 3 point shooters.

i'm not going to sit here and diminish his presence though because of team record, which is well on the way to surpassing expectations. many picked minny to be a lottery pick, not just sitting on the outside of the playoffs. and yes, rubio and adelman help, but love has improved as well. a rebounding stretch 4 that passes well and doesn't make many mistakes will do that for you. this isn't bargnani.

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