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ok. i tried to be nice. i really did.

Believe it or not jackass Iverson is not in for every minute of the game.
Guess what Sherlock? Iverson ranks #1 in the NBA in minutes per game with 43.1. Yes, he is in for almost every minute of the game.

When Salmons came in the ball was distributed more, and other players could score.

Yeah, sure. Thats exactly why iverson has 7.4apg while salmons has 2.7apg. All that with Iverson on the court.

Iverson does run up the court and take a quick jumper most of the time.
Again, if so try explaining me why iverson gets 7.4apg. Try explaining why Webber and Korver have such high FGA (or 3pt FGA) per game if Iverson does spend most of the time on the court and takes a quick jumper?

If Iguodala gets in on the perimeter, he wont shoot because his jumper isn't developed.
Is that Iverson's fault? Though I'm drooling to see Iguodala develop a jumper.

But 9 out of 10 times he will drive to the hoop.
Nope. That evidences you're speaking stupidity out of your sorry a$$. Yes, he tries to drive sometimes. That's when he has a weak defender in front of him, or is in a rarely good day.

Let me put it simple. Last season, Iguodala averaged 37.6 mpg. Korver averaged 31.2 mpg. Nevertheless, Korver had 9.2 FGA per game while Iguodala had 8.3 FGA per game. If Iguodala drived every time he got the ball, he would have way more FGA than Korver who uses to shoot only if he's open.

And that's just data, because if you actually saw 76er games last season, you would notice how evident it's Iguodala passes up on shoots.

Watching 1 or 2 games does not make you a genius.
Making up a story from the highlights you saw on ESPN won't take you anywhere, except maybe being b¡tch slapped in a message board.
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