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Default Re: Please God watch over Derrick Rose's back

Originally Posted by kuniva_dAMiGhTy
I think Luol Deng may be more important to the Bulls than D-Rose. Chicago acutally plays great without Rose.

18-5 w/ him; 5-1 w/o him
19-3 w/ Deng; 4-3 w/o Deng

Doesn't mean Deng is better, but they are the facts. I said LAST YEAR that Rose was overrated, and getting WAY too much credit, and that the Bulls were loaded (they hang their hat on D). Rose can play, one of the best players in the game, I know that - but dont ever doubt the impact of LUOL DENG. I was proven right again. Rose was NOT carrying the team like people thought.
This is complete nonsense and I have added to you to my ignore list. I don't understand how incredibly dense some people can be. Did you see the celtics game? and you got the record wrong. Rose is the Bulls they will not beat a .500 or above team without him. He is besides Kobe (though he may have passed him because of age) indisputably the biggest gamechanger in the league bar none. I love how his team dominating the worst teams in the league and indeed historically bad teams (probably due to lockout) takes away from him as a dominant presence. There is simply no justification.

If this is a severe injury it will be one of the most tragic injuries in NBA history because a Chicago born and raised, humble not even near his prime yet, breaking the early MVP record with unprecedented good third year and bringing a whole new style to his position should never had this kind of problem. Who knows what he could have done healthy people will be saying.

Rose will be fine though and have a legendary career.

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