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Originally Posted by lakerfreak
As if mitch knew that Barbosa was gonna be good as he is now.

Besides we needed a PF and SF at the time and we had fisher, Kobe and were about to get Payton. I dont see where we needed Barbosa.

also add rush and pargo to that mix

PF? u would take cook over Anderson Varejo? Why? Look at the difference. Cook has always looked slow. I never liked him.

And SF? Howard not a SF? are you insane? Rush was just O. No D. I thought he would learn some D but never happened. Lakers ironically tried out Prince and Rush and look who got better. I mean you can tell who made the picks (Jerry West) and not Mitch. I mean Von Wafer? Sissy? Bynum over Granger (Now vs. future)

Look at San An. Name one bad pick they made that they still somehow make a decen trade. lakers make retarded signings and draft picks. If Cook were cut what basketball team would take him?

See Cupcake doesn t see that in order to trade for talent you need talent. Look at Miaimi. They had talent and could make moves. Lakers have Odom and Kobe. Everyone else is so so at best. So no moves. I mean if they trade Odom they are still 2 deep. So just depth is the answer.
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