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Default Re: Official 2011-12 Power Rankings Thread.

Week 15 Power Rankings

Lazy attempt b/c the old ones took forever

1 (+8) DRAKE aka Pistol Pete 5-2-0
The top ranked team might be new to the #1 spot this week, but the defending champion knows quite a bit about being #1. Beat the previously top ranked team 5-3 last week and looks to stay up top this week in a match-up against one of the few teams on the rise, 9th ranked PLR.

2 (-1) DZW aka Dead Zealot Walking 5-2-0
DZW has suffered some pretty big injuries to good performers like Z-Bo, Rose, Augustin ; yet the guy continues to win. Suffered a tough loss last week but was without Love for half the week. (Still put up 64 points and 32 rebounds in 2 games WTF). Moves down more due to the strength of top ranked Pete’s wins rather than by his own doing.

3. (+8) Iamgine aka Iamgine 6-1-0
The biggest surprise of the year, Iamgine has climbed up the rankings almost every week. Now has the most wins on the year with his interesting strategy but you still wonder how long he can keep this up. Gets a nice challenge this week against a team with similar make-up to his team in a match-up against 11th ranked LilOjMayo.

4 (-1) ziss aka Hotsizzle 4-2-1
The former King of Fantasy Basketball looks to have recovered from his horrific season last year as he has 4 wins in the last 5 weeks, including a 7-2 win this past week against Stroshow4. The Kobe/Dwight duo is proving itself to be brutal for the opposition, and is looking for another win this week against 13th ranked G-Train.

5 (-3) Look! No Hansbrough! aka Truth 4-3-0
After a 4-5 loss this past week to Iamgine, Truth has now lost to each of the top 3 teams. Still has big victories over the runts of the league, but is gonna need to prove itself against top competition if he wants to move up from being a playoff team, to a championship contender. Faces off against 8th ranked Stroshow4 this week in a match-up that wont say too much about his championship aspirations.

6 (0) Return of STAT aka Statman32 3-4-0
Another team that has suffered some pretty annoying injuries but thanks to some of the guys returning and coming down with a bad case of Linsanity, this team got a huge win against BLife last week despite being severely outnumbered. This week he hopes to shoot up the rankings some more, in what should be a easy match-up against 14th ranked Bk33.

7 (-3) TGOD aka Baseketball4life 4-3-0
First it was losing to previously win-less G-Train, last week it was losing to a team missing star players. Blife has really struggled the past couple of weeks, and is one of the hardest teams to judge week to week because all of his trades. Has plenty of talent but could really use a win this week against 10th ranked Skywalker, in order to stop the 2 week long bleeding.

8 (0) Strob’s tards aka Stroshow4 4-3-0
Good news is Dirk has looked better since coming back from his “injury”. Bad news is despite that he suffered a tough 2-7 loss to Hotsizzle this past week. Recently got 2 players back from injury, but now has 2-3 more guys on the DL. This team really needs to get healthy fast if he wants to live up to the pre-season hype. Matches up against 5th ranked Truth this week in a fairly even match-up.

9 (+4) PLR aka Poorlilrich 3-4-0
One of the most bi-polar teams in the league, PLR had a big 6-3 win this past week against Skywalker. Has yet to be involved in a 5-4 match-up or beat a team ranked higher than 10th but gets a good opportunity this week, in a tough match-up with the top ranked team, Pistol Pete.

10 (-5) stop talking now aka Skywalker 3-3-1
Skywalker can’t seem to put together any sort of win streak so far this season, as he lost 3-6 this past week to PLR. Has 2 studs on the DL so might really struggle to stay alive as he waits for at least one of them to return in the next few weeks. Faces off against 7th ranked Baseketball4life this week in what will probably be a win if he continues his L/W trend.

11 (-1) TeamOJMayo aka LILOJMAYO 2-3-2
LilOjMayo or “Iamgine Jr” has transformed his team in the past couple of weeks, and despite some trades where he might have lost some value, this team had a huge 6-3 win this past week. Looks to build on that momentum this week in a match-up against the team whose blueprint he copied, Iamgine.

12 (-5) BOOM BOOM Pau aka Vapid 2-5-0
Vapid continued his downward spiral from elite fantasy basketball manager this past week with a 3-6 loss to LilOjMayo. While Manu isn’t 100%, he is back,
and he should help this team recover soon. Doesn’t catch much of a break this week as he matches up against 2nd ranked DZW.

13 (+1) yer aka G-Train 1-5-1
Since the last time I wrote the Power Rankings, this team has improved quite a bit and is just a few good breaks away from being on a 3 game winning streak. Still one win, and one tie in the past two weeks moves this team out of the cellar. This week he faces 4th ranked Hotsizzle in a match-up that should really determine just how much his team has grown.

14 (-2) Worms aka BK33 0-6-1
Ugh. To start the year, this team looked very promising but thanks to some bad luck, bad performances, and bad losses, it has now hit rock bottom. Is back from his short hiatus in Lockland, but could really use his 1st win if he wants to make one of his patented end of the season runs. Kyrie Irving should be back just in time for a match-up against 6th ranked Statman32 this week.
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