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Default Re: Kobe interviewed on AM 710

Originally Posted by DKLaker
As I said before, I am in no way shape or form speculating.......I read what I read and was told what I was told. Metta is the most vocal, outspoken and YES crazy of the unhappy players.

So you actually think that players can only be upset with 1 person at a time???
So in your mind, being upset with Metta would mean that Ebanks is happy with Brown Argument lacks any sense bro.

I get and appreciate how you were raised to respect all coaches when you were a player,....but you are a fan and an adult who's like or dislike has no bearing on the are free to call it like it need for blind loyalty.
A good friend of mine was a team captain on John Wooden championship teams. He and I (Along with ex-pros) will sit at games at all levels and discuss the choices being made by players and coaches.....we call it like it is.
I guarantee you that he NEVER spoke back to any of his coaches........if you understand the game and are truthful you can recognize the finer details of the game that others miss, and praise or criticize as it really is. No homerism.

Again.....when I didn't care if Brown won or lost games while he was with Cleveland I noticed his constant boneheaded coaching mistakes. They were so glaring that they were laughable......well now that he is our coach it is not so funny to add to this his indecisiveness
The first unit cannot develop a flow if he keeps shuffling the starting rotation.
Mini Mamba only played a combined 16 minutes against New York and Toronto..........meanwhile we got torched at the position, it was another dumb move.

He's kept this lineup with Artest as a starter for the the past few games now. Barnes has also been a consistent rotation player as well. I don't think that is going to change.

The only time you see something new is when Kapono is out there. Its obvious that we signed Kapono to a low risk 1 year deal because we only need him for shooting. Thats how Brown has been utilizing him. As the guy that plays once in a while to spread the floor a little bit. Nothing wrong with that. After watching today's game, it seemed like he had everything planned out. Now lets hope that barring injury, this lineup sticks, provided that Artest keeps playing like how he did today.

Mini-mamba is playing less now because of the return of Blake. I think anyone could have called that he'd be playing less. Thats what happens when a key-rotation player comes back from injury, they put him back in the lineup, and it affects the good thing that we had going before.

Obviously, I would like to see Fisher not playing. But going from starting 30 mins a game to not playing at all would ruin chemistry problems. So instead of making major changes, which is something you are evidently against, he's simply trying to keep all the good players happy.

Mini-mamba is a rookie, I don't think he will be complaining of this shift in minutes. He can start doing that next year, when he has a year of experience under his belt.
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