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Default Re: Dunk contest participants announced

I still definitely disagree with the fan voting. I'll have to look closer into that.

The good news though, as I let things resonate a little, is three first round dunks coming from each player still brings about 12 total dunks, the same as last year. The format is still very, very broken, but at least they're not further limiting the number of finishes. Further, I'm thinking this rule may have been implemented to prevent the "robbing" of players from going to the finals. This way, everyone has a chance to delve into their repertoire. Then again, if the number of competitors was bumped back up to six, with 3 first round dunks ... dunkers would have a chance to delve in that regard too ...

Edit: I just read further about the fan voting (coming via Twitter, Text, and Online). It makes me vomit a little. Surely, the real judges used to make mistakes too (see: Jones, Fred - but at least we could safely assume judges would be judging player's dunks. With fans, I'm sort of hopeful Shumpert wins by default despite performing poorly simply by Lin association, so the ignorance in placing such a vote in the hands of the public is clearly realized.

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