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Default Re: All-Star 2012: NBA Dunk contest participants announced

Originally Posted by LBJMVP
im not to upset about the lineup for a couple reasons

there are no really big stars there, which means the fan voting wont be extremely biased toward one person

these guys also dont seem like guys that will go out and do a bunch of prop dunks.

that being said i still wish derozen would compete again. he got schifed two straight years.

also i hate fan voting... nothing against new york, but hey obiously have a ton of fans so shumpert has a clear advantage if he gets to the finals plus if he has jeremy lin helping him he will gain a ton more votes, while indiana, houston, and minnesota fans are as abundant.

Derozan said he would never join the dunk contest unless it was in Toronto because of what happened last year with the Blake Griffin screwjob.
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