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Default Re: Vince Carter playing well now for Mavs

The reason he is playing good.

Vince Carter On using cryotherapy and a hyperbaric chamber: ďLet me tell you that thing is great. Both of them. I got the opportunity to use them and I heard about them and even read up on them and now getting the opportunity to kind of utilize the facility and what we have here, itís been great for my body. It keeps you fresh and itís done wonders for me.Ē Do you feel differently compared to who youíve felt the last couple of years: ďI feel pretty good. Just taking care of my body, thatís the most important thing particularly with a season like this. Itís imperative that you get your rest and utilize all those things available to you. This is just another thing, I think the hyperbaric chamber has been great for me and of course cryotherapy. Itís cold. Itís cold, let me tell you, but it really works, I feel great, and itís something that is there for us so you might as well take advantage of it and Iíve done so.Ē Sports Radio Interviews
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