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Default Re: Mike Brown said Lakers had considered signing Jeremy Lin...

Originally Posted by Frank Foley
Haha, your approach with me went from "You should post more, you smart old guy" to "Bah, kids these days" in record time. No hard feelings. Sorry for not being born earlier.

The "I was there, recorded facts suck" argument doesn't really float, especially on the internet. My dad was watching and reading everything in the '80's, too, and he and his friends have been involved in basketball (at the high school and semi-pro level) for decades. They're the sort that was fanatical enough to map out ALL of the Lakers' individual possessions in a given game, just because. They'd give hour-long clinics at the drop of a hat. They'd know all about Elgin's built-in headfake and his unstoppable left (off) hand. They'd talk about how Jerry would ALWAYS go right, and how everyone in the building knew it... and how it usually didn't matter. They'd rant about how Happy Hairston was unappreciated, about how Bill Sharman used Jedi Mind Tricks before Phil ever learned how, how Mitch Kupchak should have been the Savior at power forward before he blew his knee out playing against Kobe's dad, how fast A.C. Green used to be running the break, blahblahblah you get the idea.

And they've all told me that no one saw Jordan coming. Your recollection of things may differ, but please don't dismiss others' opinions as uninformed just because someone's younger than you. That'd be like if someone here were to say, "Never mind what DKLaker says. He's a senile, intractable curmudgeon." Actually, that probably has happened, but it doesn't make it right.

Hopefully you understand my stance better. Play nice.

Let me just echo what DK said, no not about ages, ignorance etc
but how you should post more. We need smart posters here who provide facts, well thought out opinions backed up by links etc.
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