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Default Re: Mike Brown said Lakers had considered signing Jeremy Lin...

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
You have helped me prove my point with the bolded. If someone doesn't see that little fly that flew across the blackboard, the chances are, most or all have not seen it either. I doubt that Mitch and any GM as well as scouts in the league all read someone else's scouting report, and then make a decision on it. Why else did the lakers trade for Pau? Simply because after studying his game for a long time, they knew there would be a potentially perfect fit.
Just because others didn't see the little fly does not mean you have to be blind like them too. Mitch has his rights whether to read more reports or hard or gather more facts or not before making judgment. If I were GM, I would always go with multiple reports incase 1 is incorrect, then you be screw for having limiting yourself in the first place. If there were conflicting, then I'd be interested to know why. Relying on external source to anything is always 2nd rate and maybe not as good as your own unless you are not proficient at it and have to rely on someone else. But if that is the case, then you shouldn't be GM in the first place. I'm saying it because at the end of the day, regardless of whatever source or sources or however you did it before making your action/decision, people, owner, fans would still held you accountable for making that decision.

People come and go and staffs change almost every year. Don't forget, young players are still growing so things may change at the beginning of every season. Next, did your scouts really were working for you and did he do a good job or just so-so or sloppy job. It's hard to know because you are not there to check on their work.

Maybe the time they made trade to get Pau had better staffs working for them than this year. If everything was static, it would be easy to decide.

Just like teams missing out on Lin because they think he is still same as his garbage minutes in NBA games...and probably because he was undrafted...they probably think not worth doing extra homework or give him the time to really check on him and know his potential and just do sloppy estimate or plagarize someone else report or BS to give it your boss. Those kind of sloppy or narrow minded people do exist and some appeared to be already in Lin's story. They didn't do their own homework or hired sloppy sux0r staffs...and maybe about time to need some new staff replacement.

The evaluators (scouts, whatever) did not know he worked on offseason with some asst coach to improve his weakness.

offseason with a shooting coach to correct a perimeter game that was a weakness. Or weren’t aware that he asks assistant coaches to have tape available in the morning for extra study before practicing.
Kobesabi is saying that "teams need to do their own research, rather than going by what others say".
I always believe in that philosophy whether in this situation or at work or listen to someone saying something to me. It is always best to see it first hand than second hand info. If you can't do it yourself and have to rely on others due to limited time or whatever, make sure you get multiple sources as you can and hope the guys you hired are the best with accurate insights. If not, time to hire more or new ones. Not everyone sees the same thing someone else see. Not everything has only one solution to solve something.

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Just like what you say before. I don't take it seriously until I see the plausible real answer. Anyway, thanks to B0B0 and your link above, I will take that as partly the answer to why we don't see any action from Lakers. But because the way Brown answered Mitch, it maybe why they didn't bother taking chances to try to claim Lin again? If I'm a GM and desperately looking for a PG, I would be doing my own homework and also use scouts report as a conjunction to see all possible different insights during important desperate time. I know it is a team thing, but you can't sit out on your lazy azz and just let someone do the work for you. You have to do some of it yourself to reap the benefits of many minds at work and not letting anything sneaked under the radar. Nevertheless, I still stick to my philosophy, there is nothing better as doing your own work than using someone else work as partly your work.

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