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Default Re: Mike Brown said Lakers had considered signing Jeremy Lin...

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Some of you guys either fail to read what I write or don't seem to understand very well. I still like Goudelock, he would be my starter right now.....where did you think I wrote anything to the contrary????

I am still waiting on Pau to be traded....I am hoping for this.
Brown was terrible with Cleveland too, I used to laugh at him and said I was glad he wasn't our coach......unfortunately we are stuck for now.

DFish was horribly subpar among PG's for the last 3 question about this.....don't embarass yourself by trying to disagree with this. you really want to argue with my comments about him......really??

Lakers MGMT has changed.......Jimmy is an idiot, he hired idiot Brown.
I'm still happy with Mitch and Jerry. Jeanie Buss should be running this team.
The comments I made about asleep at the wheel......of course they were, our team has been way behind the rest of the league in scouting for years, we placed no priority on it, had too few scouts and those were poor........WHY, because Phil didn't like young players, didn't want anything but experienced why would the team fight his wishes and spend a bundle on complaints, it worked for Phil. Understanding all of can see how guys can fall between the would be a complete miracle if we actually were decent at scouting......oh, add to the above that Jerry West did a bunch of scouting for the Lakers before Phil came in......this is how we got guys like Nick Van Exel, Eddie Jones and Kobe.

Shooting Guru.......see, this is an issue I have had with our team.....last 2 years we had Chuck Person working our defense instead of being shooting coach.....who the hell is our shooting coach......whoever it is should be fired our shooting has collapsed. If you take away Pau's layups and his way too few dunks, his shooting percentage has nosedived horribly.....he needs help.

I agree with you. Pau is great but if we can get better with other trades such as Dwight, then by all mean :) The twin tower isn't working between Bynum and Pau. Maybe Pau and Dwight can work better...but Kobe, Dwight, and great PG will work beautifully.

About Jimmy, I think he purposely pull back the second offer to New Orlean for CP3 to play poker bluff with David Stern. Had he really wanted CP3, I think he would not do that.

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