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Default Re: Mike Brown said Lakers had considered signing Jeremy Lin...

Originally Posted by kobesabi

I agree with you. Pau is great but if we can get better with other trades such as Dwight, then by all mean :) The twin tower isn't working between Bynum and Pau. Maybe Pau and Dwight can work better...but Kobe, Dwight, and great PG will work beautifully.

About Jimmy, I think he purposely pull back the second offer to New Orlean for CP3 to play poker bluff with David Stern. Had he really wanted CP3, I think he would not do that.

Now there's a damn excellent point you made about that.
It would've worked too.....but then Stern instructed his people to contact the Clippers and try to re-work their deal.......His goal was to screw us doubt about that. What he did most is completely screw the people of New Orleans......what a disaster that is!!! They would've had Martin, Scola, Dragic AND Odom!!!! That team would've been as good or better than what Houston has done this season. I hope Stern ultimately gets canned for this.
I can't imagine anyone wanting to buy that team after this disaster.
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