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Is 43.1 the same as 48? No.
Which part of almost was so hard for you to understand?

Salmons got barely any minutes. Any average pointguard could be on the floor for less minutes than iverson and still get more assists than him.
Salmons got 25mpg -"barely" my a$$. And let me give you a hint. Iverson would have 8.23 assists per 48. Salmons would have 5.12 assists per 48. Yes, most PG's would have better numbers. Guess what? Iverson's natural position on offense isn't PG.

Luke Ridnour for example. He averaged 7 assists in 33 minutes. If he was in for as long as Iverson he would get about 10 assists.
Ridnour is a much better ball distributor than Iverson. Who the fuuk is arguing that? Again, Iverson's natural position on offense isn't PG, and yet he manages to distribute the ball very decently

If Iverson distributes the ball so much, than why was he #3 in the league in field goal attempts?
Guess what, I'm saying Iverson's ball distribution isn't an excuse for Iguodala to not score. But I never said he excelled on that. As I already said, it's undebatable Iverson shoots a lot.

Iguodala is out there for enough time, but thats not what we are arguing about, He doesnt get enough touches when he is out.
So want to tell me why Korver, Webber get enough touches, but Iguodala who is out there doesn't gets enough?

You look nowhere beyond a box score.
I'm stating data because thats facts. I could start giving you my view on the games, but with your stupid bluffing of having seen games -that make no sense with the actual games- it's senseless. That's why I'm stating facts. If I was discussing, for example with ppierce I wouldnt bother this much with data.

If you watched almost every 76er game like I did, then you would know what i'm talking about.
Your bluffing on having watched almost every 76er game -which is clearly false- is getting me to one conclusion: you're not worth my time. I'm almost done with you.

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