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Default Re: Mass Effect 3 update

Originally Posted by Fiasco
Being a good fan also means knowing when to call out developers for their bullshit.

Listening to the money, more like it. If they gave a damn about fans, Mass Effect 2's main story wouldn't be 4 hours long.

It's a corridor shooter first, "RPG" second. Tell me what the "deep and involved" story was in Mass Effect 2-- I'll wait.

And Bioware's idea of "character customization" is a rip off of Splinter Cell Conviction. Oh cool, you can put a scope on your gun. Never seen that before!

Annnnnnd this is where I stop taking you seriously.

Tell me how Empire Strikes back was compared to New Hope and Return of the Jedi? The reason part 2 of trilogies never seem as deep is because they are a bridge in a story. ME2's plot was to learn more about the reapers and build up more squad members and army. Part 1 was the amazing intro to the ME universe.

Mass Effect 3 is the conclusion and the story will be much deeper, longer and more dramatic. They did quadruple the voice acting they did in the other games. I think you're going to miss out if you have a mentality that this series sold out.

I'm confident that Mass Effect 3 will be the best game of our generation. Mass Effect 1 was obviously deeper RPG wise but Mass Effect 2 was a more refined game. Mass Effect 3 Bioware poured their heart into the finale.
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