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Default Re: ESPN removes ***** in the armor headline, apologizes.

Originally Posted by longtime lurker
Yeah because saying "*****" in the armour is an actual saying not a racist term, but ESPN should have been a lot more sensitive to how it could be perceived.

his best line
But my thought here, and I understand it's just my opinion, is that this is pretty inexcusable given that is a huge platform with a lot of built in processes, people involved, and higher standards.

The usage of this very common saying is not racist itself if you just go with its surface meaning.

However, the worst racial slur you could call someone of Chinese or Asian descent would be "*****" and while it has dual definitions unlike most other slurs, it's just all too convenient that it shows up here. At face value, the headline certainly makes sense. But the dual definition of that word essentially ensures that if published, their would be a shit storm. Now there is.

So either way you look at it, it's wrong and it reminds me of a famous scene in Casino when Robert De Niro defends the firing of one his casino managers after he failed to realize that slot machines were rigged for big payouts that occurred multiple times before he thought anything of it.

De Niro says, "Look, he was either in on it, or he was too dumb to recognize it. Either way, I can't have him working for me"


I have my own ideas about why the group won't say ANYTHING about this headline.....even after (rightfully) forcing an apology from whitlock within hours of his comments.

Doubt that ish posters who back Lin will be as vocal about this as they were about whitlock's comments.

Reasons are one in the same.

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