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Default Re: Futurama vs South Park vs Family Guy vs Simpson

Originally Posted by bluechox2
i would have said south park 10 years ago, but they have declined greatly with the type of crap they put out now. futurama is still good and funny. simpsons were great in the late 90's early 00's. and family guy to me was good for a couple seasons, till they made stewie into an angel

Very true that all shows have declined. Simpsons IMO hasn't been funny since 2000. Family guy's first 3 season were good but after they came back from beign canceled I haven't like them at all. South Park's last few seasons have been overall pretty week, only a couple good episodes per seaons.

Taking all the shows in their prime though, I'll go South Park hands down. Seasons 4-10 were all great and the way Matt and Trey would use the cartoon to show how obsurd certain political and cultural issues are was brilliant.
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