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Default Re: Futurama vs South Park vs Family Guy vs Simpson

Originally Posted by LBJMVP
i dont think i can agree with south park declining... i think that everything they put out nowadays is expected, whereas 10 years ago the stuff they put out was shocking. i say this because 10 years ago if year heard the stuff south park put on an episode you were shocked that it was on t.v. but nowadays you just expect it.

futurama has kept up it's great brand, and every episode it worth watching whereas simpsons has declined as well as family guy.

family guy has it's satirical moments, but they are mainly in the flashback instead of a whole episode based on a whole subject.

South Park's comedy has turned a lot more "loud." The characters are always yelling, laughing outrageously in someones face, screaming out the joke. They used to touch on deeper topics naturally, through the course of a storyline. Now, they sort of beat you over the head with their message.

Edit: It seems they fed into their own depiction of themselves. In the episode where they dissed Family Guy, they described their own show as "preachy, up its own ass about its message." When I honestly never thought they were. The messages were just natural. But now, they have become preachy and up their own ass about the message.
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