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Default Re: Futurama vs South Park vs Family Guy vs Simpson

Originally Posted by LBJMVP
you dont think the movies were good?
i was a huge fan of seasons 1-4 as well as the movies and i missed alot of seasons 5-6 due to being a student in college and not having time to figure out about new seasons starting, but i have jumped on my parents netflix account and downloading the new seasons. and think they are just as good as the originals.

serious question, what exactly makes them different in your opinion?

I think the first movie was pretty good, and would make for a fitting ending to the show... The other three were weak, and the new episodes are bad. A lot of people like them, and the actors/writers are still getting paid so that's cool, but I'm just ignoring the show now.

Honestly, if I said all the problems that I have with the new episodes it would take me an hour and be too long for anyone to want to read. So I'll give cliff notes that I can think of off the top of my head.

- Noticeable decline in writing. Many good writers went on to other shows.

- Change in animation. Much more CGI is utilized.

- Anachronisms in references. They are referencing things that are current, even though they are 1000 years ahead of us... Meaning they should've been referencing i-pads the whole time... Plus that it's illogical to reference stuff post-1999 because Fry wouldn't be around. That means the reference would be lost and break a rule of the show... Plus that insinuates if it's so important that it's worth referencing without Fry's knowledge that an i-pad is worth remembering in 1000 years.

- Terrible plots.

- Changes in characters, more slapstick, and broader humor.

- Relationship arcs that make no sense (Fry/Leela romance). Some episodes they're together, some they aren't.

There's just so much wrong with them now, even the voices are wrong because the actors aged 7/8 years between episodes... Most noticeable in Billy West characters, especially Fry.
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