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Default Re: Futurama vs South Park vs Family Guy vs Simpson

Originally Posted by ProfessorMurder
Well that's the thing. They would reference stuff that Fry was around for pre-freezing. That means Fry would either make the reference, or it was a character referencing something that he could understand, since he was the main character.

For example when they had Beck and the Beastie Boys on... They played Devil's Haircut (1996) and Intergalactic (1998), those are songs Fry knew. Olestra chips, Sanford and Son, Pac-Man, McDonald's coffee lawsuit, Fry knows these things.

A character referencing the Kardashians makes absolutely no sense because Fry would have no clue who they were, and that infers that they are important enough to remember and reference in everyday life in 3012.

Now I know I'm being a little anal about the rules of the show and the logic... But it just doesn't fly. They're relying on current pop culture rather than pop culture of Fry's time.

well fry never got to see anything past 1999, so the kardashians are new to him as well as the iphone. plus he is too dumb to understand anyway.
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