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Default Our Chicago Bulls..

Chicago Bulls

Playoff Stats Only

Ben Wallace 6'9
Tyson Chandler 7'1 2ppg/5rp (stats vs shaq )
Luke Schenscher 7'1

Power Fowards
Tyson Chandler 7'1
Tyrus Thomas 6'9
Michael Sweentey 6'8 7ppg/5reb
Othella Harrington 6'9 (N/A, 3 Games in Playoff)
Malik Allen 6'10 5ppg/3reb
Darius Songaila 6'8

Small Fowards
Andres Nocioni 6'7 22ppg 9 rpg
Luol Deng 6'9 10ppg/4reb
Viktor Khryapa 6'9

Shooting Gaurds
Ben Gordon 6'3 21ppg 3 apg/reb
Thabo Sefolosha( Could Play SF also ) 6'5

Point Gaurds
Kirk Henrich 6'3 21ppg 7apg/3reb
Chris Duhon 6'1 5ppg/3 assist
Jannero Pargo (FA) 6'1 3ppg/1apg

Free Agents
Jannero Pargo
Eric Piatkowski

Left Overs
Eddie Basden
Randy Holcomb
Randy Livingston
James Thomas

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