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Default Silas should be fired immediately

Okay, so I watched the game vs Pacers.

I don't understand why Silas played the fat ass Diop for nearly 20 minutes.

There was one possession the lame Diop stood right in the middle of a passing lane and a pass bounced off his fat body. His reaction to the pass was a girlish, shoulder in self-defense position. A big 300 pound 7 footer appeared to be afraid of a basketball pass. On top of that he shouldn't even be in the vicinity of the passing line.

Hibbert just seems to have no defender, like it was 4 vs 5. Diop looks totally lost on defense, not paying attention to Hibbert and chose to go for unnecessary help defense.

Another possession Diop tried to post up behind the back dribble, and, of course, turned the ball over.

Somehow Silas kept the FA Diop (FA stands for fat ass) in the game even though he's no better than Biyombo on both defense and rebounding.

On several occasions Diop was so slow that he couldn't even set a screen properly and just let Hibbert run past him, which looked more to me as Hibbert setting a screen for DJ.

First of all, I know we started the 1st quarter scoring 2 points over about 10 minutes, yet Silas didn't immediately swap the lineup or send Walker in to help scoring.

He let the starters **** up and then plugged in the 2nd unit until about 3 minutes left in the 1st quarter.

tl;dr version:

Silas' on court decision making is atrocious. His goal in terms of rotation doesn't make much sense. Diop playing nearly as much as Biyombo is a total joke.

One more thing, just as the TV casters implied, the referees are clearly biased in this game. I'd say at least 5 shot attempts were clearly making contact but no call.
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