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Default Re: Silas should be fired immediately

Originally Posted by Timmeh
It's not Silas' fault at all. The guys on the bench haven't proven they're any better than the starters.

YEP. I said it. Biyombo, as much as you love him, hasn't done enough to warrant any more PT than Diop.

Besides, I'm sure Silas was in a no-win situation. At least Diop had experience. Hibbert is an allstar. He would've abused Biyombo.

It's really not Silas' fault. He's coaching a mid-major Division 1 basketball team against NBA talent. He can only do so much.

I suppose Silas wants his team to have faith, that every game is a winnable one as long as they fight hard until the end.

However I think he's way too optimistic.
Our team is completely outmatched and expecting a win on the road against a playoff bound team is impractical. I'd say focusing on the development of individual players and the cohesion of the younger players would be more "rewarding" later on. I mean, Gana Diop, if not because of his bloating contract he'd be out of NBA just like Adam Morrison.

In the end, losing from 30 points to 50 points and having a projected 10-56 record down to 5-61 barely make a difference. Nobody pays attention to losers anyway, and once we become a playoff team we'd be recognized as a great franchise.

I think for this Pacer's game particularly, Kemba came out in the 1st quarter and saved us from tying a worst record of scoring 2 points in a quarter.

Maybe Silas is a decent coach and no clear superior replacement is available, though at least for me his on court rotation is difficult to follow. He just reacts too much and not sticking to the plan, if there's one. Today he tried so many different lineups and none seemed to work, which is perhaps "expected." So why not just play the rookies and stick to the same rotations?

I mean if a coach doesn't believe in himself or his team than how can his players be any better? Or I should say if the coach doesn't figure it out the players eventually will.
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