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Default Re: Silas should be fired immediately

Originally Posted by Timmeh
It's not Silas' fault at all. The guys on the bench haven't proven they're any better than the starters.

YEP. I said it. Biyombo, as much as you love him, hasn't done enough to warrant any more PT than Diop.

Besides, I'm sure Silas was in a no-win situation. At least Diop had experience. Hibbert is an allstar. He would've abused Biyombo.

It's really not Silas' fault. He's coaching a mid-major Division 1 basketball team against NBA talent. He can only do so much.

Biyombo may have not proven to be better than Diop, but Diop has certainly proven to not be any better than Biyombo. And in actuality, statistically Biyombo produces significantly more than Diop.

So why is Diop ahead of Biyombo in the rotation? You don't give Biyombo minutes because you hope it leads to more wins right now, but you give Biyombo minutes because he is 19 years old and you hope he can still learn to be better. Anything to speed that learning process up a bit? Should be a no brainer at this point.
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