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Default Re: Basketball coaching discussion

Originally Posted by skan72
I haven't done a ton of practice plans this year, and I think that is part of the reason my team is having a tough time right now. We don't have the most efficient practices, usually when I don't have a plan.

How important do other coaches or players or whatever think having a practice plan minute-by-minute is?
JMT's pretty much on the money with this one. But I have to be forward and admit it's not something I've quite mastered as a coach, though I'm much further along in that regard than I was when I began.

To be bluntly honest, even though I'd played basketball my entire life and even though I'd played for numerous systems and played a part in many practices, in the beginning as a coach I'd sometimes draw a blank as to what I should do with my team. As such, I would often wing it. It actually didn't work out too poorly, but it's clear that was a sign of an inexperienced coach. I can pinpoint inexperienced coaches myself now by watching their hesitancy between drills. I know darn well they just made up the next drill on the spot.

Anyway, I believe in having a plan but I also believe in being flexible (which may have been another way of saying to have a backup plan like JMT said). There actually was a fair amount of good to come out of my "wing it" approach in the respect that I was throwing out what I thought we needed at that point. So it's always good to have that ability. However, always good to lay down an initial plan. Not necessarily typed and proof-read. Just something.
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