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It seems to always be the same pattern. Just like Darko last season... they show this video where they look great in Europe but it never translates.

Another thing is that people don't realize how unique Dirk is. They think that because there is a Dirk that there must be hundreds of him over there. Every 7 footer can be as good as Dirk.. just doesn't work that way. Bargnani does have an advantage though.. he has something Dirk has never had in his career.. an excellent post player. If Dirk had that he would look even more incredible than he already does.

If you put a player like Dirk with a post presence you create the same kind of dynamic as a Kobe and Shaq or Wade and Shaq or Nash and Amare.. inside out. Though it's even better because you have 2 bigs. It's more difficult for the opposing bigmen to defend them.

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