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Originally Posted by The REAL Next KNICK
it was a good pick, marcus williams has 13% body fat and is out of shape, mardy collins plays defense, i can't wait til you see how much better we are going to be at defense

Are you ****ing kidding me?

If your only criticism of Marcus Williams is his 13% body fat situation, thats very interesting. The fact that he could very well be the best pure point guard to come out of college in recent years doesn't stand for anything?

Here's a solution.. 13% - body fat have him run in the offseason and he'll be good. Its not like we're talking about Oliver Miller or Charles Barkley here (CB being the best fat boy to ever play BBall).

REal Lemme show you what 13% body fat looks like just incase if you didn't know:

Uggg what a FATBOY
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