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Default Re: Silas should be fired immediately

I can't wait for Silas to be gone.

He trots out lineups that make no sense. He loathes calling plays; remember after Kemba started a couple of games Silas said that he was going to have to make up some plays because Kemba couldn't run the offense on his own? Really? We have a very young team and a rookie who had no training camp...yet he put it on HIM when we aren't even running offensive plays?

He wouldn't play Bismack, then proclaimed him 2nd in the rotation...2 games later he gets another DNPCD. Then suddenly he's starting. He had a stellar game vs. Toronto and then sees Gana play over him for a lot of the game...where Gana flat out sucked.

There's a reason Silas didn't have a job for 7 years.
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