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Default Re: Predict Knicks record this season

Exactly a half of the season has gone by.

We're 16-17.

Anyone want to update their predictions ?

I must remind you that schedule gets significantly tougher in the second half of the season.
Look at how many games we need to play against tough teams:
Bulls,Pacers,Hawks - 3 games
Celtics,Heat,Sixers,Magic - 2 games
Mavs,Spurs,Clippers,Blazers - 1 game

That's 21 pretty tough games.

12 games are slightly easier but with how the Knicks play against weaker opponents no game is easy.
In those 12 games we are facing the
Bucks,Cavs - 3 times
Raptors - 2 times
Bobcats,Nets,Wizards,Pistons - 1 time

I say we'll finish 34-32.
That would probably be enough for the 7th or 8th seed.
I want us to climb to at least 6th seed so we can avoid both the Bulls and Heat but it will be tough with that schedule in front of us.
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