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Default Re: Question to Blazer fans ( Greg Oden)

Originally Posted by simcjt
Greg Oden undergoes another microfracture knee surgery

So do you think Portland management will finally let this thing die and let him go?

I never understood why they kept him instead of taking a chance on someone last year and seeing this just means that his knees should be completely done.

Any assumptions on why the front office let him stick around so long?

This season Oden was only paid $1.5M, so it was low risk. There really was nobody else we could have signed for that much that would have made a difference, so it was the right move to hold on to him just in case considering how cheap he was.

But yeah, now they'll definitely let him walk/limp away. Another reason why we kept holding on to him was the fear of letting him walk and him getting healthy and dominating for somebody else. It was obviously a big mistake to draft him over Durant, but it would have looked double bad if our second mistake was to let him dominate for another team by letting him go too early. Now, there will be no fear of Oden making us regret not signing him, so it will be an easy decision to let him leave. In fact, I don't see him getting a contract at all next season. If he doesn't need another major surgery, some team will sign him to a contract for the 2013-14 season, but I doubt he'll have much success then even if he does come back. He is too damaged and has missed way too much development time.
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