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Default Re: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
I find myself stuck in this cycle of going out to do a miscellaneous mission, clear a cave, find a shout, whatever. Stripping the place bare. Coming back home, I have all my stuff sorted in various barrells and drawers in my house, so I pull out all my apparrell, all my weapons, and all my upgrade misc. items: ore, ingots, jewels, leather, and so on. Then I drag my ass over to the Warmaidens, and upgrade everything I can. Make all the ore I have into Ingot, smith up all the weapons and armor I can. Then I head into the stores in Whiterun and sell everything I have duplicates of, and buy back all the ore and ingots anyone is selling. Head up to the castle to disenchant anything I can.

It means I'm levelling out money wise. I can't seem to get over about 5K because I'm constantly rebuying and selling stuff. But in the mean time my rank is flying upward. I'm at 35, my smithing is over 80, and I keep adding my perks to it, and I've yet to do more than a couple of non-miscelaneous missisons.

spend some time on getting barter perks and then try and smith some of the higher grade weapons (dragon armor, daedra weapons and armor) and sell them

also if you do barter levelling before you do the dark brotherhood and thieves guild side quests your money will skyrocket
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