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Default Re: Facts that say Dirk is MVP

Originally Posted by Silent Mav
Dirk is not a good defender. Nash isn't either. But it never seems to be mentioned for Nash. At times it's a double standard when dealing with the current MVP. Just as some of his questionable charge calls are. Most players would be called for a block. It's not being sensitive, it's bringing up a point. It's a Mavs forum after all. Not like we're going to have a Nash love fest here. And there are stupid arguements on boths sides. I mean, how intelligent is MV3 written over and over.
Right, they are both not good defenders. I realize that. I just don't think you can prove either player's case by questioning their defensive capabilites. Nash's defense is always questioned. If you watched the Clippers series last year, or watch the Warriors or Spurs games, you'll see and hear it, not too mention it's physically evident when you see Marion guarding Cassell, Baron, and Parker. Listen to Doug Collins for hell's sake.

Most players in this league are rewarded for hustle in regards to drawing charges. Nash may not always be in position, but most of the time he gets the call because of the effort he makes to get to the spot. With the speed of the game, sometimes a charge or block is a very tough call to make. He puts the pressure on the officials to make the call, just like MANY other players do. And we can talk about calls that Dirk gets that are just as stupid, but there really is no need to because it doesn't make his case any stronger.

I could care less if there is a Nash lovefest here or not. I certainly wouldn't expect that, nor am I trying to turn this thread into one, but some of the basis for argument here is just plain stupid.

"Nash can't get the MVP because he picked up a tech while his team was getting blown out by GS."

C'mon, just pointing out the obvious. I've stated many times that I think Dirk will win. It doesn't bother me at all. I only ask that people state intelligent reasons for either winning. I realize that there are stupid arguments for Nash here in this thread as well, and I see that there are those on the Mavs side who are quick to point them out. Just doing the same for our guy my friend.

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