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Default Re: Anthony Parker: Euroleague God/Role Player in the NBA

Originally Posted by FireMcFailPlease
its easy to be mvp when youre against a bunch of nobody scrubs who'll get their asses kicked by americans come olympic time. even though theyve been playing together for years and team u.s.a. will have a few weeks practice. itll be comical.

That's freaking hilarious since,

1. Team USA has a longer prep time every summer than most other national teams and,

2. Team USA has NEVER faced a Team Europe (which is what you FALSELY imply by linking it to the Euroleague).

3. Team USA's core has been one of the longest tenured groups of all national teams in the WORLD, with core players being there since 2004/2006, and this according to you is "a few weeks".

4. Many other national teams switch out 5-8/9 players a tournament, and this you claim is "being together for years".

Yeah, you are nothing but a liar.

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