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Default Re: Cover Athelete NBA Live 08

Originally Posted by L.Kizzle
Deron Williams and Dywane Wade have NO shot at the 2008 cover.

Deron Williams : Not aa All-star (yet), they need someone whos a household name.
Dywane Wade : Was on the 2006 cover, this is not like the 2K series where they will have a star represent them for a number of seasons (Iverson, Beg Ben, Shaq)

The top choices are.

1. LeBron James : has never appeared on a cover
2. Gilbert Arenas : same as above
3. Steve Nash : same as above
4. Kobe Bryant : was on NBA the Life 07 last season, might need a year of rest.
5. Dwight Howard : blah
6. Dirk Nowitzki : blah
7. Chris Bosh : blaw
8. Ray Allen : blah (was he on NBA Inside Drive or NBA the Life?)

I dont know for sure but I think there is a rule or something when you sign with one company that you cant be on another company also, cause some fo the players you listed have been on other covers and I dont think they can be on EA'S, but I dont know for sure or fact, I will try to look into that though.
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