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Default Re: Personally, I would like to see LeBron

Originally Posted by Clutch
I would like to see the Heat lose again.

It's more interesting that way.

I was happy for the future of the NBA when the heat didn't win the title last year. Players should not be rewarded for taking the easy road. Sure the Jordan's, the Magic's and the bird's had great teams, but they sure as hell didnt dare join their competition to win a title, they had a burning desire to beat them, they hated each other on the court, and they wanted to beat the best.

That's the difference I see with Lebron. The game is different now, its more of a business, I know that. Doesn't change the fact winning the title should be bought either or that players join their arch rivals or competition to be the best. What fighting spirit is in that? Maybe Im just getting old and the game is leaving me behind..
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