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Default Re: Personally, I would like to see LeBron

Originally Posted by pauk
he was not going to the defending champions.... The Heat were an average team in the season and a team that got swept/killed in the 1st round since 2006 (yes Wade was there all the time)... Getting Bosh made them an above average team, but not a championship contender really.... They needed LeBron to win a championship....

Secondly, the whole thing about "the greats".... like Magic/Bird/Kobe/MJ never left ... lemme ask you ...

Did Magic acquire Kareem via trade and didnt Magic say he would not come to the NBA if he didnt play with Kareem & Lakers?

Did Bird draft McHale and Parish?

Did Jordan go get Scottie Pippen, then Rodman and so on?

Kobe whined, but ultimately it took Jerry West to deal Gasol to L.A.

Point is, it's not like player talent made those teams great.... The GM and pure luck really is something a player can't control.... Kobe didn't do anything to go get Gasol, it's the front office that does all that.....

It's not LeBron's fault he wasn't gift wrapped an ideal situation like Magic or Kobe was right from a rookie season where Kobe has played with stacked teams 80% of his career......

Now we can see what LeBron can do with two very good players with him -- the same opportunity Kobe has always had, the same one Jordan got, the same one Magic had, the same one Bird had........

Yeah it's too bad it couldn't happen in Cleveland, but that's not LeBron's fault that management couldn't bring in the type of talent he needs to be surrounded by...... So he took matters into his own hands to ensure that he had a good supporting cast....

So what?

Cheating your way to the hard road? Hasnt Lebron had a "hard road" enough of being a one man army for 7 years???
Who has EVER won a championship with the "hard road" Lebron had in Cleveland anyways?

Unlike Magic and so on, Lebron at least TRIED to do it the "hard road" way.... and he got closer doing it alone than anybody did in NBA history...... so dont you talk to me about "hard roads"...

Championhip teams form up one way or another, the difference is that some like i said have it all gift wraped from the get go.... so they dont have to leave... and others like Wilt, Oscar, Lebron and so on had to create such a situation for themselves after years and years and years of "hard road" like you call it....... Jordan was on the exact same spot as Lebron, but he got Pippen, then Rodman and so on....

Lebronytes kill me with the "oh...Lebron had it so hard in Cleveland"gimmick. Yeah....he had it so hard in Cleveland that all y'all were chanting Cavs championship....right? Jordan spent so many losing seasons on the Bulls until he finally started winning, he never left, so going there still makes you look stupid. Just accept the fact that while Lebron may win with the Heat, he WILL NOT be on the same level as Jordan or ANY of the greats
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