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Default Re: Penny Hardaway appreciation thread

Originally Posted by SwooshReturns
Penny was always taking people off the dribble ... the hell are you talking about?

Yeah, Penny was one of the more complete perimeter players offensively back then. Great mid-range and post game, but definitely skilled and explosive off the dribble. Only thing lacking compared to some was maybe a bit of extra range on his shot, but not really an issue. I have no doubt he could've been one of the league's leading scorers had he wanted to or not been on a team that had that much scoring and ran so much of their offense through the post.

Really a different player than Magic despite the comparisons, though one thing he did like to do that Magic did often was protect the ball when taking the ball up with his back to the basket and if there and if it was open, spin off his defender quickly and get right to the basket.
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