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Default Re: Penny Hardaway appreciation thread

Originally Posted by ShaqAttack3234
Yeah, Penny was one of the more complete perimeter players offensively back then.
Yet in retrospect, even as a rookie in '94 ... GREAT footwork and post up skills.

Shows the total drop off in fundamentals compared to today's players.

Hell, Penny's post game coming out the game was better than Kobe's ... especially considering Penny wasn't trying to imitate someone else's move set and style.

Pretty impressive.

Originally Posted by ShaqAttack3234
Really a different player than Magic despite the comparisons, though one thing he did like to do that Magic did often was protect the ball when taking the ball up with his back to the basket and if there and if it was open, spin off his defender quickly and get right to the basket.
Yea, notice this as well.

I just love the attacking style, why settle for long range shots when you can get to the rim or near the rim with your skills and basketball intelligence?

It compromises the defense, and even if you're intentions are to score ... it makes all your teammates a threat at the same time. By driving and getting inside, it doesn't let the defense off the hook.
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