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Default Re: Noah, Durant and Oden

Originally Posted by number23
You just compared Durant to Morrison, youre retarted. He has a great all around game and hes a good kid. He isnt overhyped. Sorry.

And I like Oden alot too.

Id take Oden only because you cant find Centers like that anymore.
First off, let me start by stating you spell retarded the way I just did, not "retarted" That's like saying "I'm a jeanius!" It just does you in.

Second off, I said he was a "better" Morrison, not exactly like him. Unless you have never watched Morrison play in college, you would agree with me that they have similar styles. They are both big men who have good jumpers, don't post up well, and play sub-par defense. Kevin Durant does not have a "great" all around game, just a good one. He has a terrific jumper, and is an average rebounder for his size. However, he isn't great posting up, doesn't play good defense, and isn't aggressive enough on defense. Conveniently, you overlooked my comparison to Rashard Lewis. This kid is going to be good, but again, he is no LeBron James.

Just stating that he isn't "overhyped" doesn't exactly convince me. He is a skinny freshman with a terrific jumper, that doesn't exactly translate into "superstar" He is going to be a kid that averages around 20 PPG and 7 RPG, I just don't see him tearing up the NBA, and averaging 30, 7, and 7 like LeBron, or even 30 at all.
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