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Default Re: All-Star 2012: NBA Slam Dunk Contest discussion thread

Well after calm down a bit n watching the highlight, I can see from where people can see the contest was nice if only watching recap video or just look to the product (successful dunk).. the final product indeed look good.

Can't believe how painful watching it live though...

The main problem is the execution and planning, just you imagine in 1st round, there's 2 dunk over people in the row! they even using their hand to elevate more thus making it less exciting, n after that the next dunk come up was that suckass Jeremy Evans dunk
When you thought its can't getting more sucks, Williams just doing pedestrian windmill over motorcycle (its not that bad when you thought about it, but with that gloomy mood that dunk looked so similar with 2 first dunk)

And so many miss... almost all of dunk not success at 1st attempt, most of them even need multiple attempt, its just fecking lame at live condition.

And some of dunk can have better execution, Paul George's 2nd dunk can be GOAT candidate if the execution is better, they should have glowing ball as well n doing better job at clearing the light, and 1st round should not have too many similar dunk.

That's my thought after calm down, this contest looked better in highlight, but absolute trash in live watch, but also have so many wasted potential when you think about it.
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