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Default My thoughts on a few things

1) For as much flake as A-Rod gets, he's going down as one of the top 5 baseball players in the history of the game. Some people don't view him as a top five player in baseball at this moment. That's fine. Baseball, moreso than any other sport remembers individual numbers rather than team performance. I would love to have a subpar season hitting for 35/120. He has about 5-8 years to get rid of the choke lable.

2) Al Pacino is the meanest actor of all time. Has anyone ever embraced and performed the role of a character as good as Pacino did with Michael Corleone? He WAS Michael.

His speech in any given sunday is awesome. Obviously if you're a fan of Pacino you know his voice is totally different with age, but for one moment during that speech he sounds exactly like Michael Corleone. A chilling moment.

3) The movie 300 is overrated by the majority of people. It wasn't that good. The only thing that makes that movie appealing is the awesome look to it. The cast, screenplay, etc, is subpar.

4) Tim Duncan is something else. His team could win 60 this year and it's's expected - because it's his team. Not to many players can win like that year in and year out.

5) When I watch the Mavericks play I don't feel as if I'm watching an all-time great team out there. I mean I know about their record and where it will stand in history...but I don't get the feeling of them being on that level. It's probably because they never won a championship.

That is all for now.

I'm curious to your opinions on these five things.
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