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Default Some damn good movies I just purchased/rented

Blood Diamond - I This was a tight action movie. It kept me on edge, I was like what gonna happen next. Lots of gun play. i really liked this one.

Pursuit of Happyness - Will Smith never had me as a huge fan. But this movie here! My man did some flawless acting. I mean, I aint one to get to emotional over a movie, but I was sucked in. And his son was a natural. If you are a parent, you get kind of choked up watching this. It's an every man's story.

Stranger than Fiction - :) I was caught off guard. I wasn't expecting Will Ferrel in this kind of movie. The intricate plot kept my attention. Not as good as the other two but I think I liked this one too.

Children of Men - I haven't watched the who movie yet but it looks like it's going to be good also

Departed - This has already been discussed, I think most of you like it as well as myself.

That's 5 for 5 in picking out movies for me. That's damn good. It's must've been a good year for movies. 'Cause I can remember like two years ago there wasn't a single good movie released for the whole years.

Anybody else seen any other these movies? What do you think about them and are there anymore new movies out on DVD that I should check out?
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