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Default Re: Personally, I would like to see LeBron

Originally Posted by pauk
Cheating your way to the hard road? Hasnt Lebron had a "hard road" enough of being a one man army for 7 years???
Who has EVER won a championship with the "hard road" Lebron had in Cleveland anyways?

Unlike Magic and so on, Lebron at least TRIED to do it the "hard road" way.... and he got closer doing it alone than anybody did in NBA history...... so dont you talk to me about "hard roads"...

Championhip teams form up one way or another, the difference is that some like i said have it all gift wraped from the get go.... so they dont have to leave... and others like Wilt, Oscar, Lebron and so on had to create such a situation for themselves after years and years and years of "hard road" like you call it....... Jordan was on the exact same spot as Lebron, but he got Pippen, then Rodman and so on....

Sure his second championship his cast was a lot better, but that first one? And the teams Hakeem beat were just as or better than the teams LeBron faced.

*quietly celebrates another excuse to bring Hakeem up on ISH* jlauber don't attack me!!!!!

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