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Originally Posted by KINGS FAN #1
Kings need to keep Bibby and keep Miller for one more year.. Bonzi on the other hand should stay in sac until midway through the season next year. If he preforms in the regular season like he did in the playoffs keep him. If he doesnt... trade him for our real needs.. like backups for Miller and Bibby. Miller sucked in the playoffs.... so did bibby.. but they both played consistant through the season.. Bonzi on other hand barely contributed compared to K Mart but Bonzi played good in playoffs. But for some reason people dont realize that. People seem to only like bonzi because he played good for the Kings last games.. and thats all people can remember. No one remembers Miller and Bibby's reg season. If Miller and Bibby could get some back ups that could somewhat help the kings might of had better luck in playoffs. I say depending on Bonzi's effort in first half of 07 season.. that kings trade him if he doesnt do as good as expected along with and 07 first round pick for backups for bibby and miller. I say to the Mavericks for devin harris to back up Bibby and Erick dampier to back up miller.... wala! no holes in the kings gameplan!

Hopefully Bonzi signs the MLE deal Petrie offered him. If not, ship him while his value is at an all time high and get a Big man for him to back up I-Am-Scared-To-Take-A-Shot-Even-Though-I-Make-Them-All-The-Time Brad Miller.

Don't even trade Bibby. He is the heart and soul of Sacramento.
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