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Default Re: 204 MPH On AutoBahn

Originally Posted by DatZNasty
I've done about 110 on the I40 but never hold it more than a few seconds because I know that could be a mean ticket if I ever get caught.

in Texas if they catch you going 30 over the speed limit its an automatic suspension of your license.

I got up to 107 in my 97 Explorer once. It shook so bad i was worried it may fall apart. About 6 months after I did that the whole Firestone tire thing came out. I went to check mine and they were pretty damn worn. I got pretty lucky those things didn't unravel.

Talking about Firestone, I would not buy any new Goodyear tires anytime soon. The Firestone tires were bad b/c they were built by strike breakers who didn't have the years of experience needed to make the tires. Well, Goodyear was just recently using scabs to build their tires during the strikes too. So be careful with those things for the next few years. I would not be surprised to see the same thing happen to them that happened to Firestone.
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