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Default Re: OT: Free diving with great white sharks

Originally Posted by bk33
how did they know the shak won't attack? did they feed/drug the shark in advance? or do sharks generally don't attack for no reason?
I have a hard time believing they'd just go "ok, hope today's my lucky day", they got balls regardless.
These guys in the video said that 99.99% of shark attacks aren't really attacks at all. Humans aren't on a shark's 'menu'. They don't like the taste of humans and will only attack for food if they are starving. Sharks bite things out of curiosity. If a human is on a surf board, it looks like a seal to a shark. If humans are splashing about in the water, it could draw a shark's interest. If you are wearing jewelry, a shark may mistake it for a shiny fish.

However, sharks generally will not attack humans simply for food or because they like to kill. That is the reason why most shark attacks do not result in fatalities. If a shark wanted to kill you, it could bit you in half without you even knowing what hit you. Most of the time, they test the human with a small bite, spit out the flesh because they don't like the taste, and move on...

However, a 'small bite' from a shark can result in a very large injury (like a missing arm or leg).

These guys know how to interact with sharks so as to not draw much interest and not appear as prey.
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