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Default trade ideas for orlando

So has anyone come up with some fantasy trade ideas to convince howard to opt in on his contract?

I'd like this 3 way

Orlando gets: Monta Ellis
Golden state gets: Michael Beasley, Jason Richardson (first rounder if needed)
Timberwolves get: Reddick, Harper

Orlando does it to get a star with Dwight
Golden State does is it assumint they are still looking to move Ellis and make a rebuild with Curry, Beasley is still a solid scorer and their line up with Curry, Beasley and Lee is pretty decent
Timberwolves do it because Beasley is expendable and they desperatly need a sg who can actually score. JJ and Love would spread the floor well and with Pek inside and rubio dishing it around it would work well.

Anyone else got fantasy ideas?
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