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I've seen people ask for medical advice here. I've seen weight training discussions, and car repair. But never before have I seen someone go onto a bball forum wanting advice on military law. What would we know that a lawyer would not? If your story is true...good luck, but I'd bet money that no one on this forum is going to tell you anything a trained legal professional wouldn't. And by the way, if your story is true (and I doubt it) then you're an idiot. "My wife has cancer? Oh no! Wait, if I run away from basic training and hide from the feds on the Insidehoops messageboard, everything will be fine!" Some slacker that couldn't make **** out of himself, thought that joining the military would be an easy way out (which, when you consider the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan and the potential crises in Iran, Korea, and to a lesser extent, Venezuela, is monumentally stupid...there is nothing easy about being a soldier), couldn't hack basic training, and ran away. Either you're a liar or a lazy halfwit. Probably both. Either way, you just won the....(drumroll, please)

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